About Us

All Prints bookshop was established in Abu Dhabi in 1968. As a first establishment  of its kind to open in Abu Dhabi, All Prints bookshop quickly became recognized as the local hub for education and culture, serving a wide and growing customer base.

From its early days in the late ‘60s, All Prints has gone on to expand and diversify. The company now provides both educational and distribution services to schools and universities throughout the Arab world.

Today we are the main suppliers of textbooks, educational materials and digital solutions to all the major universities, schools and educational institutions throughout the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Lebanon. We are essentially a one-stop shop that meets the needs of any school or university seeking to go beyond the traditional textbook. We also provide both digital and print resources, as well as equipment, stationary, labs, iPads, computers, software and any other items needed in the classroom.

Very much a family business with family values, we at All Prints never treat our clients as simple transactions, fulfilling orders and processing the paperwork. We work alongside all our individual customers, ensuring a personal, tailored service. We partner with schools and universities to make sure they receive the best possible materials for their needs. Site visits together with comprehensive assessment procedures underpin our service and guarantee efficiency and excellence.

All Prints is proud of its after-sales support service, which includes teacher training in all institutions on how to use the curricula and materials they chose. We also create and deliver ongoing professional development (PD) programs for schools throughout the academic year, to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the programs.

Our digital solutions team provides our clients with all the support they need for the school or university to successfully implement the optimum digital solution, making sure that the blended solutions available are being maximized and that the institution’s infrastructure can support the digital needs of any curriculum.