Education And Technology

This division of All Prints is driven by the belief that integrating technology into the classroom is an effective and constructive way to connect with students at all levels, making education both more accessible and more inspirational.

All Prints recognizes how technology improves student engagement and communication, and how it provides opportunities to make both teaching and learning more enjoyable. We have seen what an impact virtual reality can have on the total learning experience. The use of technology in education also makes a major contribution to the acquisition of a range of skills, fosters creativity and critical thinking, and plays a significant role in preparing students for life in the 21st century. At All Prints, we strive to help schools and institutions capitalize on the many benefits and opportunities technology can contribute.

Informed by extensive and in-depth research, All Prints prides itself in offering a first-class range of equipment and services in the field of educational technology. This, together with our culture of passion and commitment, ensures that customers are guaranteed the very best provision and support. 

All Prints provides an end-to-end service, encompassing supply, installation, advice, and training. We supply and install the appropriate technologies to ensure seamless integration with existing institutional systems. Everything is supported by ongoing consultancy and technical assistance from our team of experts. In addition, we train teachers and students to maximize potential all round. 

All Prints has partnered with global IT companies to facilitate and support its customers in the following:

- Student devices (tablets/laptops)

- Learning Management Systems (LMS)

- Classroom Management Systems (CMS)

- Mobile Device Management (MDM)

- Single Sign-on Solutions (SSO)

- Digital Content

- Infrastructure Solutions

- Interactive Screens

- Projectors

In partnership with some of the major publishers, such as Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Cambridge and StudySync, All Prints Education and Technology Division supports teachers everywhere, providing digital curriculum support, training in both generic technology and specific platforms, and academic support.